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Hartington Peakland Pink Gin 70cl

A delicious Slightly sweet pink gin made with Peakland Whey and foraged botanicals from Hartington Creamery on Pikehall Farm. The gin is complimented and naturally coloured by infusions of Raspberries, Cherries and Cherry Blossom.

A collaboration between Hartington Creamery, the World’s smallest Stilton Maker and The World’s only Stilton producer with a female Head Cheese Maker and Cuckoostone, a tiny artisan Distillery, both are authentic and rural Derbyshire craft businesses.


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Juniper. Raspberry, Cherries, Cherry Blossom & Fresh Whey.

Tasting Notes

Smooth, delicately creamy and slightly sweet. Nice fruit concentration on the palate.

Did You Know?

Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life.

Slightly sweet pink gin made with Peakland Whey and infused with Raspberries, Cherries and Cherry Blossom.

This delicious contemporary gin is first distilled with fresh whey from the Peakland Cheese making process, along with 9 botanicals, some foraged locally, before being cold infused with fresh raspberries, cherry blossom and Morello cherries for a smooth, dry & fruity tipple.

Does it taste of Cheese?

We get asked this a lot and no is the answer! The whey is separated from the milk solids which go on to make the international award winning cheeses at the very start of the process, so it’s definitely not cheesy!

What does the whey bring to the experience? Why whey?

The whey is a quality, artisan bi-product which ends up getting wasted, first off that’s a good reason to try to utilise it. We experimented by distilling it out with organic grain spirit and found that when we tasted the distillate, a delicate creaminess was left on the palate, improving mouthfeel and adding a unique and unforgettable element to the spirit. We regard the fresh whey as a botanical, just like juniper or fennel. It enhances the flavour.

A few words about Hartington Creamery.
Hartington Creamery has been making Cheese in the Derbyshire Dales village of Hartington since 1870. The creamery was founded by the Duke of Devonshire, making their first Stilton in 1900. Today as the smallest and only artisan maker of the six licensed Stilton producers, they continue their century-old traditional cheese-making on their historical Pikehall Farm home.

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